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Fiber Content of Grains and Legumes - Checklist

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Fiber Content of Grains and Legumes - Checklist

Whole grain foods and legumes yield a the richest source of dietary fiber. One serving of any flour or whole grain, raw is 30 g which yields one cup cooked cereal or 2 phulkas or 1 chappati.


Fiber content of grains.

Food Quantity (per serving) Total Fiber (g)
White bread 1 Slice 0.5
Whole grain bread 1 Slice 2.8
Bread (brown) 1 Slice 0.6
White rice 1/2 cup cooked 0.5
Brown rice 1/2 cup cooked 1.3
Spaghetti 1/2 cup cooked 0.8
Rolled Oats /oatmeal 2 heaped tbsp (uncooked) 1.05
Oat bran 2 heaped tbsp (add to flour, milk, yoghurt) 4.5
Wheat bran 2 heaped tbsp (add to flour, milk, yoghurt) 4.5
Wheat germ 2 heaped tbsp 2.6
Psyllium husk 10g (complete natural fiber) 8.0
Food Quantity Total Fiber (g)
Makai flour 1 cup (200 ml) 1.8
Poha ( beaten rice flakes) 1 cup (200 ml) 0.4
Jowar flour (white millet flour) 1 cup (200 ml) 9.8
Bajra Flour (black millet flour) 1 cup (200 ml) 1.2
Whole wheat flour 1 cup (200 ml) 1.9
Ragi flour 1 cup (200 ml) 4.1
Buckwheat (kuttu) 1 cup (200 ml) 12
Barley (Jau) 1 cup (200 ml) 5.5
Broken wheat (dalia) 1 cup (200 ml) 2.5

Fiber content of pulses and legumes

Food Quantity (per serving) Total Fiber (g)
Moong Sprouts 1 cup (200 ml) 2.2
Matki (moth beans), sprouts 1 cup (200 ml) 2.6
Soybean flour 1 cup (200 ml) 2.6
Bengal gram flour (besan) 1 cup (200 ml) 1
Black eyed peas (lobiya) 1 cup (200 ml) 7.5
Split red lentils (Masoor daal) 1 cup (200 ml) 1.1
Moong(whole green grams) 1 cup (200 ml) 6.6
Urad daal (split black lentils) 1 cup (200 ml) 1.4
Matki(moath beans) 1 cup (200 ml) 7.5
Toovar dal (arhar) 1 cup (200 ml) 2.5
Masoor daal (whole red lentils) 1 cup (200 ml) 1.1
Vaal (field beans) 1 cup (200 ml) 2.3
Channa daal (split bengal gram) 1 cup (200 ml) 6.4
Moong daal (split yellow gram) 1 cup (200 ml) 1.4

Kidney beans and chickpea are also laden with fiber.

1 serving of any flour or whole legume, raw is 30g which yields one cup cooked dal (tur dal, channa dal) or three-fourth cup cooked whole pulse/legume (Rajmah, chole).

For a serving of sprouts the raw pulse serving is lesser than 30g as the volume doubles after sprouting.


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