At times some children simply seem to stop growing, which becomes a major concern for them and their parents. Girls can grow till they are 18 and boys until they are 21. Those below average height have to work on their food, exercise and sleep till they are 30 years old. An average person can grow to a minimum of 2 – 4 inches with natural means.

There are some exercises, which, when done properly show amazing results, as they encourage growth and increase in height, lengthen the spinal column and at the same time enhance flexibility and strengthen abdominal muscles.


This exercise has an immense advantage as it increases the release of the growth hormone. The stress that the leg muscles experience during the exercise results in bone and muscle elongation. Take care not to do too many as this can cause swelling on the muscles and tendons. Sprint is advisable on a natural surface like floor or lawn and not on concrete.

Exercise to Grow Taller


Stand with your legs apart and raising one leg snap out a kick. Repeat at least 20 kicks on one leg and then change to the other leg. Repeat this exercise for 20 times. This exercise helps to lengthen the shin and thighbone.


Stand before a bench or a step, which is a foot in height. To start, jump with one foot for ten counts. Now repeat with the other foot. Repeat this set 3 times. Take rest between the sets.


Ride a cycle where only your toes reach the pedals, and cycle for 10 – 15 minutes. You can use a stationary cycle also. The stretch to reach the pedals will force your legs to lengthen.


Breaststroke swimming for 20 minutes will benefit.

Jumping Rope:

This is to be done on a mat, with both legs, for 300 counts on a daily basis.

Hanging from a Bar:

Use a rod and fix it across the doorway. The rod should be high. You can buy the rod from a sports equipment store. Stand on a stool and grasp the rod, now swing, while keeping your legs straight, you can even fold your legs if you find it comfortable. Hold on as long as you can and after a rest repeat the process again – do this at least ten times and everyday.

Free Hand:

Stand at attention in an open space and inhale deeply, Lift your arms – outstretched at shoulder level, now push them back as far as possible and release your breath. Repeat 8 -10 times.

Inhale, and hold your arms extended at right angles from your body – now lift your heels and stand on your toes and exhale. Repeat 8 – 10 times.

Inhale and lift your outstretched arms above your head swing them in a circular direction and exhale. Repeat 8 – 10 times.

Choose the exercise that is suitable for you but take care that you are regular and consistent. Try to fix a certain time for your exercise regimen so that you can follow it without missing. Don’t exercise when you are weak or having a fever. Eat the right and balanced food so that exercise doesn’t make you weak. Remember not to exercise immediately after a meal.

What do you feel, will it be possible to gain 2 – 4 inches with proper food and exercise, or will it lead to a healthy body and nothing else? Or do you feel the only way to gain height is to resort to artificial drugs or injections?

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greatfarid123 Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what is the age where there is no possibility of height growth?

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