Benefits of Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacking has the following benefits:

  • Lesser calories get converted and stored as fat.
  • A constant supply of glucose keeps the body energized.
  • Prevents lethargy and enables one to work with the same vigor throughout the day.

Choosing healthy beverages can be a great replacement for tea and coffee which lack nutrition and just give a temporary mental boost.

Healthy snacking thus prevents fat storage, maintains blood sugar levels, and keeps one fit and alert throughout the day. We should strive to snack healthy each day. Once a habit it would become a way of life.


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ennairam_23 Friday, February 4, 2011

Our normal physiology dictates us to consume food every 3-4 hours because that is how long the food [or chyme when it is already digested] stays in the stomach. The society's notion that we should eat 3 big meals is wrong. Snacking allows our body to be on the right track physiologically.

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