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Botox for the Face, Facelift and Facial Fillers


The pain is just like an ant bite. It is a protein injection by which one can erase out stubborn wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines and crow feet. It helps in weakening the muscles that cause wrinkles. The lines vanish dramatically, though initially, to see the real difference one has to wait for some time.

Risk Factor

There are certain side effects because of the solution that has been injected. A slight discomfort from the needle may lead to a small bruise and may even lead to drooping of an eye. If not used properly it can give a frozen look to expressions, dry mouth, difficulty in smiling and swallowing and sometimes may affect the speech as well. Rarely, the toxin can spread to the non-injectable places leading to difficulties in breathing and swallowing.


It is done to tighten the skin and to stop the skin from sagging. While doing the face lift the skin is tucked under the hair line to hide the scar. This operation gives a lift to the facial tissues and makes the face look smooth and toned. It reduces saggy skin and repairs loose facial muscles and it even erases lines to give a firmer look. One could opt for a full face lift or lifts on the brow area, lower face or neck only. The effect of face lift has a guarantee of maximum ten years.

Facelift Reduces saggy Skin

Risk Factor

A facelift makes loose skin taut and can clear folds and lines, but there are several side effects attached to it. The face may look swollen for quite some time. The soreness and the scars may take quite some time to heal. The surgery may raise the position of your hairline and may lead to the ear lobes hanging. Temporary hair loss around the incision is also one of the possibilities. It can lead to damaging the facial nerves and even weakening the muscles.

Facial Fillers

Under local anesthesia, fillers are inserted under the skin to give a fuller look to the sunken portions of the face.

Fillers are inserted in the cheek and the lips, which restore fuller and youthful looking appearance. Injectable fillers may be used alone or in conjunction with a resurfacing procedure, such as laser treatment, or recontouring procedure, such as facelift. Injectable fillers may be used to give a fuller and plumper look to your face. Age, genetics, skin type, lifestyle plays a major role in the ultimate success of the procedure.

Risk Factor

One could develop an allergy or a normal infection like soreness and skin peeling off, abscesses and the scariest part is it may leave scars.


prema Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cosmetic surgery can cost a bomb and is not a permanent cure. Most people who get liposuction put on weight again - more so women. Exercise, eating in moderation and a healthy lifestyle will keep most people young. The genes can also play a role. The end of our telomerase may decide how fast we age.

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