Myths about Cholesterol food items

The buzz word that rings danger bells in most affluent societies today is the word CHOLESTEROL. The term is used loosely to indicate any fatty food items and often this has no meaning.

So much hype surrounds this nutrient and ignorance makes it worse. No doubt it is harmful to the system when present in excess but people should also know how important it is for the human system.

Just the other day I offered cashew nuts to a guest visiting us, he politely refused citing the reason that he has been advised to steer clear of cholesterol rich foods and so cannot take cashew nuts! I was surprised as well as disappointed that wrong information surrounding nutritive values of foods promotes faulty eating practices and wrong therapeutic diets for people. Rather than saying that cashew nuts has cholesterol the person should have been told that they are rich in saturated fats.

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Gerald Friday, October 29, 2010

Cholesterol is a combination of good [HDL]and bad (LDL)cholesterol. When saturated fat is consumed it does raise cholesterol. But taking a closer look we find that it increases both the good AND the bad by the same percentage. The good more or less cancels out the bad. So although cholesterol does increase, saturates have a relatively small effect on actual heart diseasee itself.
But trans fat increases the bad and decresease the good. This makes it the worst thing you can do for your heart.

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