Written by Dr. Deepti Bhandari, Ph.D (Psychology) | 

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Life reflects dynamism, vitality, beauty and power. Life offers abundance. It regularly gives us a chance to enrich our experiences.

Life is a journey. It is like an uninhibited river which takes on the course it wants to. Sometimes it shines as a sunny, bright, and beautiful day; but sometimes it becomes as dark as a cloudy, moonless night. We may compare life with a string of good and bad events. For a while it is a straight, smooth, clear road with the shining aim; yet at other times it would become an unruly, uneven, hazy path without any goals. Life is as simple as a dot; and as complicated as a web. There is no one way to define ‘life’. There are a thousand metaphors and similes which can be used to define life. Yet simply stating life is a journey which holds a promise of beauty, love, vigor and vitality, and loads of positivity. Life is a gift given to us. It is a gift of love, dignity and power from the Divine. But how many of us really take care of this precious gift - keep it polished, well maintained and fresh? We often take ‘life’ for granted. We don’t even bother to see how our own thoughts, actions and behavior steer our life. And life becomes a burden for us. We begin concentrating on pain, trouble, appalling events, pessimism, apathy, and everything becomes dire. Our vision becomes clouded with darkness. This darkened view sets off a series of questions in our mind: How do we recognize beauty, love, dignity and power? Can we perceive it from an optimistic and realistic view? Is life really beautiful despite all the downside we observe in our surroundings? And the only answer to these questions is the proverb: “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. But to behold this beauty we need to work hard on 'life'.

Celebrating Life: Positivity and Rejoicing

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