Written by Dr. Deepti Bhandari, Ph.D (Psychology) | 

Medically Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team  on Jul 02, 2018

Positivity is the True Worth of Life

Life is a blend of positive and negative. Both are the extremes of the same continuum. Sometimes one balances out the other. Hence, life at times is a series of just black and white and at other times it is colorful. Both, the positive and the negative have a significant impact on our lives. Where the negativity is more, everything has a shade of gray or black. It depletes our energy and vigor. We feel drained and low. It is said that people from geographical areas with gray or dark weather, have the tendency to be on the negative of the continuum. They wear pale and dark outfits which complement their mood and tendencies. Comparatively, individuals from sunny, bright, open geographical areas are enthusiastic, intense people with vividness. Their energy and vitality is apparent from their bright, colorful clothes and charming manners. The positive vibrations are apparent and anyone can seize them. Surely it is not the absolute truth. Both types of people are present in any geographical area. Yet, the tendency towards one extreme of the scale remains.

Focusing on positive is always beneficial. Positive thought feeds our brain. It energizes us and triggers a set of hormones that elicit more positive thought. This can be experimented in our daily lives too. Think about something which makes you feel better and happy. Then concentrate on something which made you feel low, unhappy and irritated. After that focus on the task at hand and let the days events flow. At the end of the day, review how your day in general was. On the next day, change the order of your focus focus first on things that make you feel unhappy and then on the things and situations that make you feel happy and bright. Let the day take its course. At night, review your day. How did you feel? Was there any difference between the yesterday and today? What was the difference? How was your day affected by your moods? Experiment it yourself and feel the difference. This is the power of positive. It enhances our existing potential, uncovers those which are latent, and takes us to a high vibration. Our ability to be positive is prized possession of any human being. Positivity enables us to exult in life and yield the true worth of life. Without positivity we cannot truly enjoy life or know its worth.

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