Written by Dr. Deepti Bhandari, Ph.D (Psychology) | 

Medically Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team  on Jul 02, 2018

Rejoice in the Abundance of Life

Life is full of abundance. Abundance is the state of being profuse – it is a state where everything is full. There is no lack of anything. If we closely observe our surroundings we would find many things which indicate the abundance of life. The sparkling green leaves of a tree; a tree standing tall with leaves, branches, flowers and fruits; earth filled land; fields full of water and soil; house filled with wood, corn, steel, paints, objects etc.; vehicles filled with oil and gas; our bodies filled with blood and water; food full with minerals, protein and carbohydrates; our minds filled with abundant thoughts – abundance is everywhere. Is anything lacking? Life is full of opportunities. It is for us to discover them and to realize new potentials within ourself. Thus lack of anything is just an illusion.

The sense of inadequacy is in our vision because this is what we focus on. We do, of course, focus on what we want. But if we analyze it further, we would find that we focus on what we don’t have. This is very much in line with what the Law of Attraction states – we attract toward us and receive what we focus upon. What we want will be within our reach but it may not necessarily manifest in our life. To manifest the ‘want’ into our life, we need to intend. This is not a new law. It has been inscribed in every religion of the world, albeit in different words and languages. If we construct our focal point on Intention, we would certainly find abundance, not shortage. Intention is the ability to focus our positive thoughts in direction of absoluteness. While intending, we think in the present. Here, we believe in the surety that we are going to or we possess the object we desire. There is no space for doubt in intention.

Unfortunately, our doubts and fears are deeply rooted within our subconscious. They win over the desire to possess an object or thing. When we overcome our doubts and fears, we intend successfully. With intention we reach abundance. By abundance we attain life. And life itself is a celebration to commemorate.

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