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Physical discomfort or an emotional outburst may cause a toddler to throw a tantrum. This may come out of the blue and take you completely by surprise. What needs to be understood here is not every show of anger or insolence is a tantrum. The occurrence is unpleasant for both the toddler and you. Read on about some situations that would help you understand why toddlers throw tantrums, how to handle these situations, and the age at which when children throw most tantrums.

Can You Cope with Your Children's Tantrums?

When Do Tantrums Start? When Do They Stop?

Children throw tantrums only after they are 9 months of age, and get into the mode of springing ‘fully blown’ episodes when they are 10 months to 4 years old. Parents who have failed to pay attention to their child’s behavior and daily routine can be in for a shock at the state of affairs, but they have only themselves to blame for not having spent more time with the child. A child can continue to behave ‘badly’ beyond the age of 4 years, in which case, a different approach is taken to handle outbursts.

Why Do Toddlers Throw Tantrums?

Even the most well-behaved baby can have a bad day and make things difficult for its parents. Your child is exploring the world around him with all his senses. He’s trying to master his environment and failure to achieve results may lead to venting frustrations, and hence throwing a tantrum. For the child, it is the only way to ease its anxiety. There could be many causes behind your baby’s tantrums, but there’s nothing that cannot be handled. The primary reasons for tantrums are:

  • Your child is trying to request you to do something about a situation
  • He’s trying to seek attention
  • He’s trying to escape from a situation

Sensory reasons:

  • Restlessness/fatigue
  • Hunger
  • Aggravated emotions/frustration
  • Agitation/uneasiness (diaper discomfort, teething, upset stomach)
  • Change of place
  • Lack of acknowledgment
  • Overcrowded surroundings/stimulation
  • Parents who are otherwise busy, and suddenly find themselves disciplining their child


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