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Low Feeling

Sometimes, burnout shows up in the form of irritable nature. You constantly snap or nag, and make negative remarks about others.It may lead to severe depression making you lethargic and feeling drowsy all the time. You can become an introvert and be in a mood to not socialize with others. But then there are a few others who look for happiness outside their realm - extramarital affairs, drugs, alcohol, excessive partying or shopping - anything that gives them a high for the time being. This sometimes leads to personal relationships falling apart.

Symptoms of Burnout

The signs and symptoms of burnout do not show at first as it very gradual, with time it gets worse. An early sign of a burnout should be taken as a sign for danger because if ignored then it can lead to a major breakdown. The signs of a burnout will show by a change in the physical, emotional and mental pattern.

Some of the physical symptoms of a burnout are:

  • Change in appetite
  • Change in the sleep cycles
  • Feeling exhausted and drained out of energy all the time
  • Getting back pains and headaches
  • Feeling sick and low on immunity

The emotional symptoms are:

  • Feeling hopeless and helpless
  • Sense of failure
  • A strong emotion of anger and resentment towards anything
  • Detached and feeling like a loner
  • Motivation loss
  • No sense of achievement

How do you know if you are burned - out?

When you are going through a burnout, your behavior will change. You may isolate yourself from others, start drinking alcohol and in some extreme cases start using drugs to cope with the responsibilities that you might withdraw yourself from. You might even start taking your frustrations out on others. There are many questions that you can ask yourself to see if you are going through a burnout, like:

  • Do you feel like you have no energy to do any work?
  • Do you feel like your work is monotonous and less challenging?
  • Do you feel like no one understands you and you have no one to talk to?
  • Do you tend to attract a lot of negative emotions while working?
  • Do you feel like you are less sympathetic towards people’s feelings?
  • Do you feel like you have a lot of weight on your shoulders and are getting no support from family or friends?
  • Are you having a hard personal life?
  • Do you feel that you do not have the time to do all the things that you want to?

If your answers are yes to any of the questions above, then it means that you are reaching a burnout and should start seeking help.


smoke1232 Wednesday, March 26, 2014

is garlic really a good remedy for high blood pressure?and if that so,how much amount of garlic should we take everyday?my father died a year ago after suffering a stroke.for almost eight years of being stroke,i was his caregiver and at the same time his nurse as well.since then i was really aware of the thing that might cause/happen due to high blood pressure.i really had no time for exercise for quite a while now because i have been very busy for my work lately that i tend to forget my hobby, playing basketball. well if this garlic really helps controlling the blood pressure,then i should start eating now,well see if this remedy works.

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