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Causes of Burnout

An amalgamation of factors causes burnout. It is a state of emotional and physical exhaustion that leads to excessive stress. Your stress level is so high that you are unable to meet the demands of office work and home front. High stress level reduces your productivity and saps your energy. So, look for the reasons that cause you stress. Ask yourself whether the job suits you or not? Are you overworked managing home and outside? Is your boss cooperative? How is your relation with your co-workers?

Following are some of the stress factors that ultimately cause burnout:

  • A hostile environment at home, difficult people to deal with, or marital disturbances.
  • A feeling of being constantly controlled and watched.
  • Strict authoritarian figures, extreme discipline, unrealistic targets and lack of support system at the work place or at home.
  • Internal factors such as lack of motivation, a negative self image, overtly high standards set for self and meeting up to that standard.
  • Taking on too much work and not getting help from others.
  • A feeling of lack of recognition at home or work.
  • Working in an challenging environment.
  • Being expected to do too many things for too many people.
  • Working too much without any relaxation Lack of sleep.


smoke1232 Wednesday, March 26, 2014

is garlic really a good remedy for high blood pressure?and if that so,how much amount of garlic should we take everyday?my father died a year ago after suffering a stroke.for almost eight years of being stroke,i was his caregiver and at the same time his nurse as well.since then i was really aware of the thing that might cause/happen due to high blood pressure.i really had no time for exercise for quite a while now because i have been very busy for my work lately that i tend to forget my hobby, playing basketball. well if this garlic really helps controlling the blood pressure,then i should start eating now,well see if this remedy works.

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