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Types of Body Wraps

Seaweed body wrap: Here is how a seaweed body wrap treatment for slimming is offered in a spa. Seaweed powder is mixed with water till it’s creamy and applied all over the body, starting from the legs upwards. The body is then wrapped with cling film or wrappers that salons have custom made for their clients. A final layering of warm the  blanket is provided and the client is asked to lie down for 30 minutes – 45 minutes on a body-wrap bed that is covered by plastic sheets to avoid spillage or mess. Once done, the client is sent for a steam bath with aromatic oils added.

Homemade body wrap: Homemade body wraps are equally effective and result oriented. Here’s how you can make the Aloe Vera wrap yourself. Scoop out the pulp from the plant, mix with rose water and apply generously all over the body. The freshly prepared aloe vera body wrap helps cool the body and reduces prickly heat and boils as well. For that professional effect, wrap yourself up in banana leaves, cling film or muslin bandages (ask someone to help you) and relax for about 45 minutes to an hour. Add aromatic oils to hot water and soak a towel in it. Remove the wrap from the body once done and dab the wet towel to complete your home spa affair. It’s not just safe but cost effective too and all in the comfort of your home.

Mud bath: Mud baths and lepanam (paste) are an extension of wraps. Kerala holds a cultural richness in offering these treatments that lure tourists, many of them become repeat clients. The Lepanam is medicated paste used on the affected parts of the body with various inflammatory conditions. Body wraps with their multifold benefits are even being recommended by doctors for patients complaining about muscular pain; stress that majority of corporate employees face due to odd shift hours, work pressure and bad ergonomics.

You have to be careful on the kind of wellness center or spa you choose for wrap or mud treatments. Today the awareness and interest of the consumers in looking and feeling their best has led to bigger brand names offering their products at affordable prices thereby reaching out to the common man. However, it is essential  to consult a physician or visit a licensed center offering these services in case you consider body wrap for slimming, pain relief or detox, and especially so if you are suffering from any medical condition.


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