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Hourglass Shape

This is the most sought after body type. For ages, poets, writers and sculptors have a fascination for this type of figure. Since ancient times women went to any extent to have this kind of a figure when they forced themselves to wear tight corsets to have a narrow waist.

A woman with an hourglass figure has weight on the upper body and the lower body as well with a narrow waist. Women who desire to have this kind of figure need not necessarily go under the knife, but can be a little careful with their diet and workouts. An hourglass figure should include cardiovascular exercises that will help you lose fat on the belly and love handles around the waist area, because in an hourglass figure the main emphasis is the narrow waist.

Cardiovascular exercises include aerobics, cycling, swimming, skipping, brisk walking, jogging, running, oblique crunches, sit-ups along with weight training and stretches. Some fitness experts are of the opinion that yoga, especially Kundalini yoga is the best way toget an hourglass figure.

Deanne adds, “People with an hourglass figure have to work really hard to maintain it. They should be careful with their diet in the sense they should avoid sugary stuff and eat more of proteins, green vegetables, nuts and eggs.


prema Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Interesting item. Should have more discussion on so called Indian Diet. Cabohydrate rich diet is responsible for the body shape.

reejatharu Monday, October 11, 2010

..."Most Indians tend to have an apple shaped body, because of their wrong diet which is mostly fried and sugary stuff.. They have a huge, bulging tummy, and a heavy frame."..... what is wrong with the indian diet?? 'fried and sugary stuffs' are just part of the amazing plethora of indian cuisine. now what u chose from this wide range of food possibly decides your body shape.the indian diet must not take the blame for laziness and indifference. huger bulging tummies and much heavier frames are seen world wide. so instead of prototyping, focus on facts to create awareness!!

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