Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it safe to wear shapewear while sleeping?

Wearing a shapewear makes it tight around you and this can hinder a relaxed sleep pattern. The material of which the shapewear is made can rub across the skin during movements in sleep and cause redness or rashes, or cause excess sweat.

2. How long should I wear shapewear if I use it daily?

Manufacturers claim that wearing shapewear for 4-5 hours a day can help in weight reduction. However, the user has to decide her own requirement based on the experience and comfort levels. Wearing a shapewear for special occasions is recommended rather than continuously for long-term use.

3. Will the seams and joints of the shapewear be visible on my dress?

No. The seams usually project inwards towards the body and are not visible even on a tight hugging dress.

4. Do bodyshapers help in weight loss?

Manufacturers claim that body shapers can reduce weight by reducing appetite and causing sweat. The sweat is one of the ways to remove body toxins. However, the user must be careful and keep herself well hydrated when using shapewear.

5. Can I wash shapewear in my washing machine?

Shapewears can usually be washed in regular washing machines. Please see the care-instructions of the manufacturer of the shapewear before buying.

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