Valentine's Day Bizarre Traditions

Valentine's day conjures up images of bunches of red roses, heart-shaped chocolate boxes and candlelight dinners. Women wait eagerly for this day, preparing themselves to look gorgeous on V day, sometimes through extensive treatment procedures, for all the pampering and love they will receive.

This day, dedicated to love, is not celebrated identically across the world but is reveled with a twist in certain parts.

Valentine�s Day�s Bizarre Traditions

Secret Notes

In Denmark, Valentine's Day is marked by writing secret notes to the one you love. The only hitch is that you have to skip writing your name and instead, add a few dots at the end of the post. The person who receives it should be able to guess who gave it and if he/she does that, then love has come a full circle, they believe.

Bird Watching for Valentine's Day

This is probably how all the double entendreson bird watching began. Tradition has it that birds flock at this time to try and find their mates. So, spotting a bird would mean that you will find a partner soon. The only hitch is that everything depends on the kind of bird you spot.

  • Goldfinch - A rich man
  • Woodpecker - No man at all
  • Robin - A seaman
  • Bluebird - Someone who is funny

Women would rush out early in the morning to spot the first bird of the day. Of course, this was mixed with a lot of excitement and apprehension.

Bird Watching for Valentine�s Day

Vinegar Valentine

Some people across the world use Valentine’s Day as the day to express their ill-feelings towards each other. This involved sending them a lemon for a gift and cards that expressed how they felt for the person. It could be the wed or smiled or even how they thought about the way they cooked, anything goes as long as it was unpleasant.

Men Get Chocolates in Japan

To target the foreigners who settled in Japan and who were used to the tradition of Valentine’s Day, chocolate manufacturers made chocolate in chocolate boxes. However, the tradition soon evolved towards gifting men you love with chocolate boxes. It could be anyone from colleagues to sons to boyfriends. Diabetic people too can enjoy sugar-free chocolates on this Valentine’s day with their loved one.

Chocolate Boxes for Your Loved Ones

Hit by Animal Skins

A weird Roman tradition during the middle ages was to hit women with animal skins. Young men would go around in the streets and hit women using animal skins. Women accepted the blow as they believed that it improved their fertility.

Valentine’s Day is a special day when people in love express it to each other, never-the-less every day is a valentine’s day if you meet the right person. In India this year, moral policing has prompted certain groups to announce mass weddings of lovers found in public places on this day. It would be interesting to wait and watch how this pans out.

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