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Medically Reviewed by The Medindia Medical Review Team  on Jul 06, 2018

Vasomotor Biofeedback for Migraine Headaches

Vasomotor biofeedback is used in the treatment of migraine headache. Initially, vasomotor biofeedback systems utilized binary feedback for constricting the temporal artery. The technological advances now have allowed for provision of analogue feedback. Vasomotor biofeedback treatment of migraine headache generally involves learning to constrict the temporal artery or extra cranial arteries for the overcoming a migraine attack. Controlled research has shown this procedure to be very effective as a treatment for migraine and mixed-tension types of headaches.

Successful treatment usually requires 10 to 20 sessions.

Controlled group outcome studies has shown that biofeedback is more effective than no-treatment for most of the disorders. No significant negative side effects of biofeedback treatment have been reported so far.


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