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Skin Temperature Biofeedback

Skin temperature biofeedback is usually provided from a peripheral site, for example, a finger. It is based on analogue feedback method. Analogue feedback provides continuous information about the changes in the physiological changes. It is sometimes called as Galvanic Skin Response system also. It is based on the fact that in an altered physiological state (tension / anxiety / hyperactive state), the skin temperature decreases. So, the most common instructions to the patient are to Ďwarm the handsí or increase the skin temperature. The patient is then instructed to breathe deeply. Analogue feedback through either auditory or visual modes is usually provided.

Skin temperature biofeedback has been found effective for migraine headaches, Raynaudís disease, and a variety of stress-related illnesses. Successful treatment typically requires 8 to 20 sessions.


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