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Medically Reviewed by dr. simi paknikar, MD on Aug 06, 2014

Benefits of Alkaline Diet

Get rid of low energy, poor digestion, and diseases with alkaline diet.

When the body pH drops to below ideal, it results in acidic environment and gives rise to problems such as inflammation, plaque formation in the arteries and teeth and corrosion of body tissue. If the acidic environment continues long enough in the body, it may lead to diseases such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Medically speaking, our body regulates and maintains the optimum pH no matter what we eat, but the alkaline diet includes foods that are highly nutritious, so you cant really go wrong. Moreover, animal protein and processed foods decrease urine pH and therefore increase the risk for kidney stones. Thus, alkaline diet, which includes plenty of vegetables and sprouts, lowers the risk of kidney stones.

Besides, this diet has other advantages as well.

  1. High blood pressure is directly associated with the risk of cardiovascular disease. A British study published in the British Journal of Nutrition reveals that dietary potassium has a significant positive impact on blood pressure. This study can be directly linked to alkaline diet since the recommended foods in the diet are rich sources of potassium and thus may mitigate chronic diseases such as hypertension and stroke.
  2. Although there is no substantial evidence that alkaline diet protects from osteoporosis, studies have shown that the improved potassium / sodium ratio may benefit bone health and reduce muscle wasting.
  3. Alkaline diet increases growth hormone significantly and may thus improve cardiovascular health, memory and cognition.
  4. Another benefit of this diet is that it increases intracellular magnesium. Magnesium is required for the proper functioning of the enzyme system and also for activation of vitamin D. This in turn helps improve back pain according to some studies.
  5. Last but not the least, alkalinity results in benefit for some chemotherapeutic agents that require a higher pH. The alkaline diet just fits the bill.

Although further studies are warranted in the area of benefits, it is worth considering an alkaline diet to prevent chronic diseases and get rid of tiredness, low energy, and poor digestion.


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