Written by Lachmi Deb Roy, PG Diploma in Journalism | 
Medically Reviewed by dr. trupti shirole, BAMS, CGO on Jul 04, 2018

Pump up Your Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting Metabolic Rate - Physicians and fitness experts think that losing weight depends on your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) or the rate at which your body burns calories when you are at rest. RMR varies greatly between individuals. It also to some extent depends on your age, gender and the genes you have inherited. As you age your metabolic rate decreases. After forty years it decreases by five percent per decade. Men have more muscles so they burn more calories than women.

How do you burn your extra calories even when you are resting? Research shows that muscles burn calories and the more you have the more calories you will burn even when resting. Exercise is the best way to increase your muscle mass especially by weight training. Try and build those big muscles of chest, back, abdomen and thighs along with the smaller muscles. The bigger muscles mean more cells to burn more calories. Speak to your trainer and they can advise you on what kind of weight training can help build these muscles.

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