Written by Lachmi Deb Roy, PG Diploma in Journalism | 
Medically Reviewed by dr. trupti shirole, BAMS, CGO on Jul 04, 2018

Motivate Yourself To Succeed

What can you do to keep yourself motivated to achieve your goal to lose that extra flab? These are some are the suggestions that may appeal to you.   

a. Put a picture of yourself at 16 or that of your favorite movie star on your fridge. Every time you feel like snacking, a quick look at the picture should reinforce your goal.

b. If you use treadmill it tells you how much you have to work out to lose those extra calories – when you pick up any snack think if it is worth the extra exercise.

c. Avoid shopping on an empty stomach. When you are at the supermarket with your stomach is rumbling, you can bet you will unconsciously start piling high calorie food in your trolley. Maintain a food diary. Record everything that passes into your mouth. Sometimes we never realize the amount we eat.

d. If you make it a habit to eat a bite less at every meal you will gradually reduce the  portion sizes you eat and start  training your body to be satisfied with less.

e. Don’t listen to your friends who say if you eat once ‘nothing is going to happen.’ 

f. Chew you food slowly. Break it into pieces and then put it down your throat. By eating slowly you end up eating less. By chewing your food you enjoy your food more and it gives you a sense of fulfillment.

g. Do not couple eating with reading or watching television because unknowingly you end up eating more. Never deny food if your body craves. Life is too short and you cannot deprive yourself for too long. So eat in moderation and be fit and fine.

In the end do remember that the weighing machine does not always tell you the complete story. It is wrong to use your weighing scale to determine your level of fitness. When you work out, you tend to replace flab with solid muscle. Muscle weighs more than flab. Even though you have become toned and you fit into your old jeans, it can be really depressing or rather demoralizing if your weighing machine tells you otherwise. Always check measurements in inches to judge actual weight loss.

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