Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which specialist doctors takes care of backache problems?

Doctors who could treat backache include - orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, rheumatologist, internist, sports medicine specialist, and anesthesiologist.

2. What are the exercises I should do while I take a long distance flight?

Long distance travel has its own hazards. Usually the exercises during air travel are done to prevent deep vein thrombosis or DVT. These exercises can be viewed on medindia website using the following link:

3. If I am overweight am I more prone to backache?

Yes, being overweight places greater stress on the spinal column, and it increases the risk of having back pain.

4. I get backache before and during my menstrual cycles should I worry that I have spinal problems?

No this pain arises from the contraction and hormonal changes during periods and is not the same.

5. I wear high-heals and suffer from backache – I have asked to NOT to wear ‘heals’. What should I do?

Avoiding high heals would certainly help the backache. You can order special type of soles and shoes if you suffer from backache. Check also if your foot arch is supported by your shoe-wear that you order.


nish_happ Sunday, July 1, 2012

Articles here are very genuine and really helped me a lot. Thank you

raj_aryan Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh great. I need some sedentary exercises I guess.

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