Chair Ergonomics for Backache

Ergonomic made Office Chair is essential to avoid backache. Essential features to look for when buying a new chair the minimum criteria should include:

  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Back Height Adjustment
  • Adjustable Tilt Tension

Other features that can add value include- Arm height adjustment and adjustable tilt tension.

Chair bases - these come in a variety of different finishes including plastic, aluminum, steel, (either painted or chromed) and wood.

Base of the Chair - can be made of plastic, alumunium, steel or wood. Plastic bases can snap off and cause injury. Aluminum bases are good as they are lightweight and strong. Steel bases are the most popular as they are strong and durable. Wood bases are not durable as they are now more made as wood casings that are fitted over plastic or steel base.

Pneumatic Height Adjustment - generally should be between 17" - 24." If you are too big or small ask for specially ordered chairs that suits your height.

The gas pneumatic lift also has a weight rating. If you are heavy make sure the chair can take your weight. Check the weight rating of the gas lift.

Chair Dimensions - Make sure there is a clearance of an inch or two on both sides when sitting and your legs rests comfortably on the ground. Avoid buying or sitting on cheap plastic chairs for prolonged sitting or desk job.

Chair Cloth - The fabric should be durable, non-slippery and breathable type. The cushion itself should be firm and not too spongy or scalloped.


nish_happ Sunday, July 1, 2012

Articles here are very genuine and really helped me a lot. Thank you

raj_aryan Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh great. I need some sedentary exercises I guess.

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