Acid waste and Residue Build Up

The body generates acids as end products from various metabolic processes and lowers the pH of the body making our buffer system to work hard to neutralize them.

Besides acid ash forming foods, there are some organic and inorganic acids that we have a tendency to keep within our body.

When athletes over-exercise, there is not enough oxygen in the muscle cells to burn the carbs resulting in the build up of lactic acid and acetic acid in the body. Most proteins in the food, when metabolized combine with sulfur and phosphorous and the end products remain as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. They need to be neutralized before they can be safely discharged by the kidneys.

These acids tend to lower the body pH drastically. They tax the body’s alkaline minerals to elevate the pH value. A buffer system in the blood in the form of alkaline salts works hard to neutralize these acids.

Apart from the various metabolically generated acids, our body accumulates solidified acid wastes such as LDL cholesterol (harmful cholesterol that builds on artery walls, adipose tissue and uric acid responsible for gout, kidney stones) over a period of time due to a unhealthy lifestyle.


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