Lifestyle and Body Acidification

Long standing stress and food and drinks that produce acid ash, tend to increase the acidic load of the body and this can be detrimental for our health.


In this highly competitive world, we are constantly on the go, pushing ourselves to the limit. Stress, either physical or mental, creates more acid. An ulcer is a good example of that. Under tension we burn nutrients in a short time, creating a lot more wastes than the body can dispose..Stress also speeds up the ageing process. Mental stress is devastating because there is no rest period. Mental stress can create more acids that can make one feel depressed.

Exercise is a form of stress and produces more waste products, but it is usually followed by a resting and relaxation period during which body get rid of waste produce. Exercise also results in surge of stress- bursting hormones that work towards getting the body in a healthier state.

Acidic diet and drinks

Generally people are more health conscious but they still eat more acid forming foods than alkaline forming foods.

Ideally we should eat a diet that is 75 percent alkaline ash and 25 percent acid ash forming. Our modern snacks and sometimes a diet full of junk food has reversed these numbers and correspondingly this could be a strong reason for increase in the prevalence of degenerative diseases afflicting more people at a younger age.

Colas, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine make the body acidic. Acid forming foods are inflammatory whereas alkaline forming foods are anti-inflammatory. Common dietary habits that cause acid overload are:

  • A high protein diet with lots of meat and eggs.
  • Liberal intake of refined carbohydrates, fat laden and empty calorie foods like breads, cookies, pastries, refined flour, fried foods, and soft drinks/ aerated drinks.
  • Limiting intake of vegetables and fruits.
  • Excess alcohol intake.


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