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Group Personal Accident Policy - Scope of Cover

The plan covers the risks of:-

  • Accidental Death
  • Permanent Total Disablement
  • Permanent Partial Disability
  • Temporary Total Disablement.

Additional Benefits include

  • Accidental Medical Expenses: In case of accidental hospitalization the compensation is reimbursed up to 40% of the valid Personal Accident claim max up to 5, 00,000.
  • Hospital cash allowance: A daily allowance of Rs 1000 for each completed day of hospitalization maximum up to 30 days during the policy period.
  • Child Education Support: In case of Accidental Death and permanent total disability, 1% of sum insured is paid towards your children’s education benefit.
  • Funeral Expenses: An amount of 1% of the sum insured up to maximum of Rs 10000/- is reimbursed for Funeral expenses.

Main Exclusions

  • Any existing disablement prior to the inception of the policy
  • Suicide, attempted suicide
  • Serving in military, armed forces
  • Under the influence of drugs, alcohol & other intoxicants
  • Participation in felony, riots, war etc.
  • Exposure to nuclear, radioactive materials
  • Self exposure to needless perils
  • Loss due to child birth or pregnancy
  • Act of terrorism.

Sum Insured

The sum insured is based on the monthly income and the occupation.


  • Based on age, occupation (class), sum insured & benefits opted. Premium inclusive of service tax as applicable.
  • Age Group- for Self & Spouse -21 yr. to 70 yr.
  • Children – 1yr to 21 yr.
  • Occupation considered is Class I and II

Occupational Classes:-

Class I:

Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Architects, Consulting Engineers, Teachers, Bankers, Persons engaged in administrative functions, Persons primarily engaged in occupations of similar hazard.

Class II:

Builders, Contractors and Engineers engaged in superintending functions only. Veterinary Doctors, paid drivers of motor cars and light motor vehicles and persons engaged in occupations of similar hazard and not engaged in manual labour. All persons engaged in manual labour (Except those falling under Group III) Cash Carrying Employees, Garage and Motor Mechanics, Machine Operators, Drivers of trucks or lorries and other heavy vehicles, Professional Athletics and Sportsmen, Woodworking Machinists and persons engaged in occupations of similar hazard.

Class III:

Persons Working in underground mines, explosives, magazines, workers involved in electrical installation with high tension supply, Jockeys, Circus personnel, Persons engaged in activities like racing on wheels or horseback, big game hunting, mountaineering, winter sports, skiing, ice hockey, ballooning, hand gliding, river rafting, polo and persons engaged in occupations/activities of similar hazard.

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