References for Cholamandalam Health Insurance Policies

Author: Dr. Shivani Shourie

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hemaranjit Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i have purchased a policy 'family floater' in year 2010. since then i am paying my premium without any delays. yesterday i was suggested to undergo surgery for cataract. i have been told by your representative that there is a CAP of Rs 10000/- although my policy is of Rs 400000/- [four lacs] kindly clarify the issue as it is against the terms explained to me by your representative at the time of taking this policy. accprd prioirity.

AryanM Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Looking for Family Health Insurance.

slaha1955 Tuesday, August 30, 2011

we, Santanu Laha and Ruplekha Laha, deposited 1st health insurance premium on 27th May,2011[Rs. 8715/-]. But till date we have not received the policy certificate. we have given repeated reminder to your kolkata office but they do not bother. so we request you to kidly look into the matter so that we can get the policy as early as possible.

Hemnt Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aim Zero claim [ part 1] for insurance companies. Teach these to the people taking life insurance and your claims will reduce. Try it. Tips for Happy Sickness free 110 years of life. LIVE Happy Sickness free 110 years of life. 1. Sleep Well................... 2. Eat Well....................... 3. Exercise well.............. 4. Live Well.................... 5. Sing and Dance well. 6. Marry and be happy... 7. Tell this to all and be happy and live long. 1.Sleep Well: People daily sleeping less than four and half hours live less,People daily sleeping more than nine hours live less. 2.Eat Well. For fully grown ups:1.Eat half of your usual need. [unless you are not likely to get another food.] Eat simple. Fruits, Salads ,and simply cooked Rice,wheat, dal ,fish mutton, chicken [in moderation] keep you healthily for decades. Complicated, more processed food is harmful. If you eat more than you need, your belly is seen. People with big bellies live less. If your belly is seen, take liquids whenever you are hungry, and increase exercise. If your cheeks are sunken or a mirror tells you that you are weak,you are not eating enough energy and food. Oil and ghee give double energy than other food per gram consumed. So add oil or ghee or oilseeds or dry fruits [they have oil ] to every thing you eat, and eat frequently. You can ear every 2 –3 hours. Keep your pocket filled with snacks, and keep munching. You will grow daily. Stop this excess when the cheeks are no more sunken. Lead a fruitful life. When ever you eat,Eat plenty of fresh fruits.Fruits wipe up injurious elements called free oxygen radicals from our body,provide instant energy,vitramins and mineral and water. Use this information for children also. 3.Exercise well: jog, run, walk briskly to your office3 reach children to school, dance, do rope skipping. These all are exercises. Do it for half to one hour daily. Dance is the best happy exercise. Put on the T.V. and Learn Dance from every dance sequence and every dancer.Dancer Hema Malini’s daughters are heroines. Hema Malini looks more beautiful than them. She has remained beautiful because of dancing.It keeps the body and the mind fit , happy, and young for ever. Learn yoga. Yoga keeps you young for ever. Yoga keeps you fit like a fiddle. It delays ageing and ageing related illnesses like joint pain, backache, memory loss, heart ailments, and many more illnesses.

Hemnt Thursday, March 17, 2011

3. Go multilingual multiply business Majority Indians do not understand your policies. Insurance English is too complicated. Make every thing available in all languages.Multiply business.

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