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The New India Assurance's Independence Day Bonanza! The Mediclaim Policy: 2007

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The existing Mediclaim and Health Plus Medical expenses policies have been discontinued and Mediclaim Policy (2007) is introduced.

Hydrocele in Children

The salient features and underwriting guidelines of the Mediclaim policy (2007) are as under.

  1. Effective date or commencement of Mediclaim policy (2007) is 16.08.2007.
  2. TPA option: Proposer can opt for servicing of policy through TPA or directly through Company, Proposer who do not opt for TPA's service will have their claims settled directly by Underwriting Offices on reimbursement basis. There will not be any discount in premium for not availing TPA services.
  3. Age: The policy is available for persons between the age of 18 and 60 years. However children between 3 months to 18 years can be covered only if the parents are also covered under the policy. The Insured may renew their policies beyond the age of 60 years provided there is no break in insurance.
  4. Persons above 45 years of age, opting for Mediclaim policy for the first time will have to undergo the prescribed pre health check up from an empanelled doctor. The cost of the pre acceptance health check up will be borne by the proposer.
  5. Proof of age must be obtained, especially for persons on the borderline of age band requiring medical examination and /or higher premium.
  6. The revised proposal form along with pre acceptance health check up form duly completed in all respects is mandatory.
  7. Non-disclosure of material facts may result in rejection of claim. In case of discrepancy in age declaration the claim will be settled as under:
  • If the actual age is within the same age band where there is no premium difference, waive collection of additional premium and settle the claim without any penalty.
  • If the actual age is in such group where there is a difference in premium because of the higher age i.e. one step upward, collect 3 years penalty premium and settle up to 75% of the claim amount.
  • If the actual age requires medical selection procedure for entry into the scheme then the claim is to be rejected.

(Sponsored article from New India Assurance)

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cdkhare Thursday, September 19, 2013

Can the insurance company throw light on circular by IRDA not to restrict claim for cataract operation to Rs.24,000.00

Pawan1oct Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is saddening to hear that New India Assurance is not doing the above two policy because they don't find viability due to less premium and more work. They don't get anything in these two policies hence don't want to do. Even speak to NOIDA Branch, Regional Head,No reply . Pawan Kumar Singh , Founder President Purvanchal Vikas Foundation,www.purvanchalvikas.org. Right Now Organization is working with Migrant wage workers in Delhi/NCR and we want all workers are covered under social security. Mor than 100 workers are registered with us and adding per day.

shanuradhakrishnan Saturday, March 30, 2013

hai, my Aunty she and her daughter go for checkup in KIMS hospital in Thiruvananthapuram and they didn't claim for the checkup and they don't know about it. Actaully they take the Mediclaim Policy 2007[Hospitalization benefit Policy] on 2009 and they renew it. The policy number in 2013 to 2014 is 76090434120100000041. So far they didn't claim. So Can I know whether they can claim for the checkup

s.k.thakkar Monday, January 28, 2013

can anyone tell me there is any new circular regarding this policy which declare that mimimum limit of mediclaim is compulsary of rs.2 lakh.please guide me urgently.

avrps2573g Sunday, August 19, 2012

i have a mediclaim polciy 2007 from new india assurance co. ltd. for Rs 300000/- this years which started from 75000/- in 2007-08 , 2008-09 100000/- onwards 300000/- for 3 consecutive years with any break sixth renewal falling on 14-09-0-12 . i have major heart stroke on 30-06-12 got addmitted to sahara hospital where i was done angioplasty following the ecg and angiography by the hsopital. when lodged the claim the raksha tpa only paid 127500/- quoting that the i have been having htn hipertension for last 12 yers so was restricted to the sum ensured of Rs 127500/- equal the SI before 4 complete policy years total expense was 210415/- ..is it justfiable on the part of the raksha tpa or the insruance company when the polciy does not speak clearly about the curtailing the claim amount like this. please guide me to get the balance of sum ensured. ashutosh gupta lakhimpur kheri UP

TheReviewer Friday, July 19, 2013

If you have been a heart patient / Blood Pressure and if this info was not provided earlier, TPA action is justified. In fact, it is good on their part that they have given youalmost 60% of your expenses. However, many times either the agent misguides or our ignorance plays a role but to save on few Rs of Premium, such things are not disclosed to Insurance companies. But still I think since you are a loyal customer for several years, you should contest this decision first by escalating it to higher authorities in Insurance company [See their web-site], if no response, you can file a case in consumer court, if not satisfied.

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