Last Updated on Sep 20, 2012


  • Tooth loss can happen due to various factors 
  • Occurs both in adults and children 
  • In some cases it can be prevented 


  • Injuries, 
  • Trauma
Predisposing conditions: 
  • Thumb sucking, 
  • Mouth breathing 
  • Pacifier usage 
  • Poor oral hygiene/Tooth decay 
  • Mismatched jaw/teeth 
  • Genetic factors

  • Pain
  • Blood loss/discharge
  • Feeling of weakness


Seek a dentist's help on an emergency basis. To replace the fallen tooth, follow these steps- 
  • Gently hold the fallen tooth by the top 
  • Do not touch the roots 
  • Rinse the tooth gently 
  • Avoid running water 
  • Try to replace tooth in socket 
  • If you cannot replace, place it in whole milk or your saliva 
  • You may also place it in mild salt solution-1/4 tsp salt in 1 quart water 
  • While sporting, wear a mouth guard 
  • Treat gum disease at the earliest 
  • Take care of teeth by brushing/flossing regularly 
  • Use an antiseptic mouth wash regularly 

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tooth lost due to injury and the other teeth one by one is loosing its grip the fallen tooth the front teeth