Last Updated on Jun 21, 2011

  What is heart attack?

  • Occurs when blood supply to vital organs gets blocked 
  •  >50years / menopausal women at greater risk 
  • Occurs with / without chest pain 
  • Sudden arrest of breathing / heart function
  • May result in cardiopulmonary arrest 
  • Clot in the arteries blocks blood supply 
  • Occurs due to:
    a. Deposits of calcium / cholesterol
    b. Hereditary factors
    c. Tobacco

    Causes of Heart Attack: Tobacco

    d. Obesity
    e. High blood pressure

    Causes of Heart Attack: High Blood Pressure

    f. Emotional stress
    g. Inflammatory disease of arteries
    h. Trauma / disease of heart

Symptoms of Heart Attack  

  • Chest pain

  • Symptoms of Heart Attack: Chest Pain

  • Shoulder/arm pain 
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sweating 
  • Heartburn 
  • Nausea 
  • Abdominal pain

  • Symptoms of Heart Attack: Abdominal Pain

First aid
  • Try to relax 
  • Loosen tight clothes 
  • Take medicine, if any have been prescribed

  • First Aid of Heart Attack: Medicines

  • Pain subsides within 3 min of medicine intake 
  • If not, see a doctor. 
  • Give artificial respiration if required 
  • Give Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) :
    a. If no pulse is detected
    b. By placing palm on chest to pump
  • 15 pumps are followed by 2 artificial respiration 
  • Continue till ambulance / doctor arrives 

Heart Attack Prevention
  • Routine health check-up 
  • Avoid stress 
  • Quit smoking / alcohol

  • Prevention of Heart Attack: Smoking and Alcohol

  • Eat sensibly 
  • Control blood pressure / diabetes

  • Prevention of Heart Attack: Diabetes

  • Control weight

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surveypawar, India

My husband have acidity troubles, if he has late meals or it gram dal in dinner he feels burning sensation in chest. has pain in left cheast for long time, feels restless, full and difficult to breath. It doesn't respond to Gelucil, are they symptoms of heart trouble? Is it acidity only?

aksgotan, India

what should be the firstaid and safe medicines to be given in case of suspected case of heart attack?

KingCBharati, N/A

I have a continuous pain in my chest on left side..the pain is very low but extends upto left shoulder and then to arm continues for a couple of days with some times only feeling of this a cause of concern..I have consulted doctors a few times but tests were negative...still they asked me to take medicine for cholesterol, BP and Asprin...besides keeping clonazepam mouth dissolving tablets at home....Is there a cause of concern...should I go for angiography...please suggest.
King C Bharati