Last Updated on Jul 28, 2013

  What is Cut?

  • An injury due to opening in the skin

Minor Cuts / Scrapings

  • No treatment is required 
  • Care required to prevent infection

Treatment for Minor Cuts
  • Clean wound with water

  • Treatment for Minor Cuts: Clean Wound with Water

  • Avoid soap 
  • Remove dirt/debris in the wound
  • Apply antibiotic ointment 
  • Dress/ bandage the wound 

  • Treatment for Minor Cuts: Dress / Bandage the Wound

  • Change dressing daily
  • Minor cuts stop bleeding in10 min
  • Apply gentle pressure if bleeding persists

Deep cuts
  • May bleed heavily
  • May expose underlying tissues
Treatment For Deep Cuts
  • May require stitching 
  • Requires Tetanus Toxoid (TT) if: 

    Treatment for Deep Cuts: Tetanus Toxoid

    a. Cut is dirty or has debris 
    b. TT taken 5 years ago
  • Consult a doctor in case of: 
    a. Delayed wound- healing 
    b. Pus Discharge 
    c. Fever 

  • Treatment for Deep Cuts: Fever

Points to note
  • Do not try to clean a major wound
  • Do not remove deeply- lodged debris
  • Do not breathe on an open wound
  • Do not push back exposed body parts 

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Rahulvarma2006, India

I am looking to buy your product Healex Plus aerosol spray dressing but is not available with chemists.

jeannie, United States

last night i tripped on the boardwalk and fell. There is a cut above my right eye, my eyelids are swollen all around. bleeding stopped in 5 minutes, so did my nose bleed. but i suffer from swollen. what should i do? leave it to time? how long will the blackness and swollen go away?

Afghannurse, Satellite Provider

hi i'm a independent nurse, i have a patient suffered 1cm cut due to grinder machine, i've seen some debris inside. but i already remove the debris. should i inject my patient Tetanus toxoid?

delreengeorge, India

You can clean a cut with saline water.

olgac, United States

I cut my leg in an L-shaped wound.
The next day it started to bleed and I went to the emergency room.
They gave me antibiotics and dressed my wound. I left on a week's trip and have kept it dry and applied hydrogen peroxide, Neosporin cream and changed the bandage. It is healing on the upper part of the wound, but the lower part has bright red blood and is not mending. Also, dark blood is under the skin. Should I
continue to keep it dry and bandaged? What do you suggest? It will be two weeks tomorrow since I cut my leg.