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  • Occurs when foreign object is lodged in windpipe
  • This blocks oxygen supply to brain 
  • In adults, choking occurs due to food
  • In children it also occurs on swallowing an object
  • Choking could be fatal, if first aid not given


  • Swallowing a large piece of food
  • Swallowing food that is not well chewed
  • Eating food quickly
  • Eating and talking
  • Consuming alcohol before a meal
  • Wearing dentures
  • Being careless about children
  • Walking / playing with food in mouth

  • Hands will grasp throat
  • Breathlessness
  • Noisy breathing
  • Inability to cough
  • Skin, nails and lips may turn blue
  • Loss of consciousness

  • Heimlich maneuver and CPR 2 techniques
  • If person is unable to talk, try Heimlich maneuver
  • Forces the diaphragm upto the lungs 
  • Creates an artificial cough
Heimlich Maneuver on a standing    person
  • Stand behind the person
  • Form a fist with one hand
  • Place fist below ribcage, thumb inward
  • Hold the fist with other hand
  • Keep arms off ribcage
  • Give four inward and upward thrust
  • Repeat till the object is ejected
  • Same method is used for a child too

Heimlich Maneuver On an  Unconscious Person
  • If person is lying down, straddle the person with your knees
  • Place heel of one hand above waistline
  • Place other hand over the first
  • Give four inward and upward thrust
  • Repeat till object is coughed out
Heimlich Maneuver On an Infant 
  • Place your forearm over your raised knees
  • Place the infant face down over your fore arm
  • Give four blows using the heel of your hand
  • Repeat till object comes out
  • If it does not work, turn the baby 
  • Place two fingers an inch below the imaginary line connecting nipples
  • Give four thrusts forcefully to bring out the object
  • Repeat if required
  • While eating, concentrate on the task
  • Do not eat quickly, without chewing
  • Supervise children while they eat
  • Give easily chewable, soft food to children
  • Do not leave tiny objects within the reach of children

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@22222, India

what is the exact word for choking

@AnnaG, Belize

my baby 21 month old Jaydan Guy died at the hospital after he was rush to the emergency room choking on an unknown object. we live 2 minutes drive from the hospital and eventhough we reported he was choking doctors say his symtoms were consitent to that of a seizure and treated for that instead.. he continue to loose oxygen because his airways were never cleared. I never should have lost my baby.., India

Choking could become a serious problem if you don't have the tools to save a life. People should know the basics of first aid in order to save people's life in an emergency situation :)

@SecretEver, Singapore

For an unconscious victim, after foreign body has been removed. Check for breathing ,

If absence of ABC, Phone for an ambulance and initiate CPR.

Remember CPR Can save lives, Do it well , Do right , and the patient gets a chance at life.

@pihu.s, India

awesome answers........specially fr the students who r give headknokin projects....truly it helped me a lot