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  • Feeling of pain /discomfort between neck and abdomen
  • Chest pain raises fear of heart attack
  • Any tissue or organ in chest can cause pain
  • 'Angina' is heart- related chest pain



  • Some mild, others life threatening
  • Problems related to the heart
  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Inflammation in the lung
  • Inflammation / strain of rib muscle
  • Anxiety
  • Indigestion / ulcers in stomach
  • Gall bladder stones
  • Shingles
  • Stress


  • Pain or pressure in chest area
  • May be accompanied by
    a, Heartburn,
    b, Vomiting, 
    c, Dizziness
    d, Shortness of breath
    e, Fever


  • If you have asthma or angina take your regular medications
  • Medicines like acetaminophen and ibuprofen may help
  • Consult a doctor if 
    a, Pain /fever /cough persists
    b, Radiating pain occurs 
    c, Angina occurs at rest
    d, The cough produces yellow -green phlegm
    e, Pressure / tightness occurs
    f, Nausea 
    g, Dizziness
    h, Shortness of breath
    i, Sweating
  • Hospitalization may be essential
  • Tests like ECG, may have to be taken

  • Maintain normal weight
  • Exercise regularly for 30 - 40 minutes 
  • Check and control BP, diabetes, cholesterol
  • Avoid smoking
  • Control stress
  • Eat low fat balanced diet
  • Get health check ups done regularly

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mehta01, N/A

i have chest pain so i not feel good so have any ayurvedic medicine so, i feel good.

zihaan, India

i have chest pain in the left poke so badly and due to this i have shorteness of breath and sometimes wanna Vomit but cant.always feel Dizzy .i have gastric problem.and indigestion problem.

ychie, Philippines

im suffering severe chest pain rightnow and since tuesday feb.22.11. due to overfatigue.i alrdy undergo mitral valve repair. i know my heart now is enlarge. please advice what to do best. i also take isordil sublingual 5mg. but the pain still persist. there is no heart specialist here in the island where i live.its 6000 n.mi away travel via boat. i just stay in bed for complete bed rest. am in great danger