Last Updated on Jun 14, 2013

What is ACNE?

  • It is a group of skin rashes
  • Acne Vulgaris, popularly called pimples, affects face
  • Caused by blocked hair follicles
  • Commonly affects the young

  • Increase in sex hormones during puberty
  • Oil glands of skin produce more secretions
  • Dead cells and secretions block hair follicles causing infections
  • Infected follicles gets inflamed leading to acne

Factors that can worsen your Acne
  • Hormonal changes during menses.
  • Squeezing of pimples
  • Pollution and high humidity
  • Oily diet

Oily Diet

Myths associated with the cause of Acne
  • Chocolates, junk food, dirty skin, and stress cause acne
Causes of Acne
  • No scientific backing for these myths

  • Consult a skin specialist or dermatologist
  • Common medications include -
    a. Benzoyl peroxide
    b. Resorcinol
    c. Salicylic acid
    d. Sulfur drugs

Skin Care
  • Clean skin with mild Cleanser
Skin Cleanser
  • Avoid squeezing of pimples
  • Avoid sunburn
  • Use oil-free cosmetics
  • Avoid fizzy drinks
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Drink plenty of fluids

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@jjane4, United Kingdom

Well, finding the cure to acne can be hard, but I'm not so sure if toothpaste will help.

@delreengeorge, India

You can apply tooth paste on acne affected area for 2 hours and then wash the area thoroughly.