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Self Assessment Test - Way of Living

Discover yourself and find the path to a healthy lifestyle. Self assessment test on 'Way of Living' will unlock the secrets and guide you towards your goal to achieve wellness.

Periodic Self Assessment - Way of Living


1. I am comfortable with the people and environment that I come across daily

(I talk to atleast 5 people in a day...)

2. I am in control of my daily needs of healthy-wealthy-life and pursue my interests well.

(I am self-reliant & in control of my responses & behaviors...)

3. I can decide & act on my healthy-wealthy-life

(I am confident on finding meaning & purpose in all that I do...)

4. I have my sources, means, ways and standards of living with health, wealth & fitness.

(I plan activities and events for pleasing experiences)

5. I identify myself with my family, friends, my belief and my ways to get recognized & rewarded in life & health.

(People respect me & I feel satisfied)

6. I can differentiate between healthy & unhealthy relationships & be on the better side.

(I am able to create and maintain healthy relationships as also resolve conflicts)

7. I bring value with my personal & professional works that benefits other people in different places.

(People respect my work & I feel satisfied)

8. I learn from good as well as bad experiences of myself or others. I can readily add value in beneficial ways today & in the future too.

(My self-esteem & dignity guides me to progress well with the evolving world)

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