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Thank you for providing this calculator. Now no need to think when should I go for health checkup. Instead of going through tough and expensive medical treatment it is always better to check your health status on time using regular medical checkup. Also knowing about various diseases, its causes and symptoms will prevent you from danger diseases.
Healthcare - India3/31/2018
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I am a 16 yrs old boy and Systolic pressure is 129 and diastolic is 66 and pulse beat is 66, please tell me my health condition and give your valuable suggestion in this context
Soujatya - India2/27/2018
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My son birth weight is 2.49kg and now he is 8.05kg at his 6months. His weight is normal? I want start solid food. Which solid food I need start first? Thank you
Vijiloges - Malaysia2/9/2018
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I didn't know this calculator only gave results for women. I'm a man who's still a virgin at 40. And if that isn't depressing enough, the fact that in 5 years' time I won't even be able to enter my age into the calculator, certainly is. Who will tell me I'm a loser when I'm 60? Or 80?
teppolundgren - Iceland12/13/2017
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Exactly..!! Preventive Health Checkup is best option used to detect presence of any diseases at early stage for better treatment which saves your mental and physical trauma also help identify unhealthy lifestyles or unhealthy habits which can learn to change and therefore improve health and help to keep eye on your health status for better protection.
healthcare - India12/13/2017
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HI I had my period on Oct 17th for 5 days, I had sex every other day including the time when I ovulated. I've had cramps from the 2nd of this month right through, frequent urination and very sore nipples but on 12dpo the sides started to hurt. I did a pregnancy test and it had a smudged line that you could hardly see so I did another test on 14dpo which is today and it came up negative... can anyone help
Jbear2219 - Jamaica11/17/2017
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