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Online Heartbeat Calculator | Heart Odometer

Developed by Dr. Varshini Jayaraman,  Ph.D. | Medically Reviewed by Dr. P Manokar, MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC, FSCAI on Oct 21, 2020

How many times has your heart beaten so far? It is important to keep track of your heartbeat. Check our Online Heartbeat Calculator. Heartbeat (heart sound) is heard when the heart valves (bicuspid, tricuspid, aortic and pulmonary) close causing the blood to flow in an appropriate direction. Irregular heartbeat, also called arrhythmia is a condition in which the heart beats too slow (bradycardia) or too fast (tachycardia) or with an abnormal rhythm.


Heartbeat Calculator
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Do you know these amazing facts about heart rate?

  • The fetal heart begins to beat with a regular rhythm at around 6 to 7 weeks of pregnancy. By the week of 22, fetal heartbeat can be heard with stethoscope.
  • The average heart beats 72 times in a minute to help the blood travel around our body. On an average the blood travels a total of 12,000 miles (or 19,000 km) in a day.
  • Each heart beat pumps blood and in a lifetime one million barrels of blood are pumped.
  • The heart beats 2.5 billion times in an average lifespan of 66 years.
  • On an average, animals have a limit of about 1 billion heartbeats in a lifetime.
  • If we were to live only 1 billion heartbeats our average lifespan would be 26 years.



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Ebaillargeon83, United States

Actually, the lifespan of a billion heartbeats is 26 years, not 30 to 35 years. Because the heart beats at an average rate of 72 bpm, not 60 or 100.

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