Hearing Loss Calculator

Hearing Loss Calculator

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Are you wondering if your ‘hearing’ is getting weaker?
Are you increasing volume in TV or radio to volume levels that others find loud?
Do you often ask people to repeat themselves during conversations because you are straining to hear them clearly?
Do even loud noises sound like mice squeaks?
Do others tell you more than once that you may have hearing problems?
Hearing Loss
If the answer is YES to any of the above questions then you are at the right place to check your hearing ability.

Hearing loss is the third most identified health problem in the United States after heart disease and arthritis. Hearing loss or hearing impairment is a partial or total inability to hear in one or both ears. Hearing ability varies from person to person and people of all ages can gradually lose their hearing strength for many reasons. However, hearing loss is a common disability that can affect people above the age of 65.

If left untreated hearing loss can affect your quality of life leading to social isolation, depression, falls, emotional instability, paranoia and dementia. But don’t lose heart! You’re not alone in this. Millions of people of all ages are dealing with hearing problems on a daily basis. World-famous achievers with hearing problems like musician Ludwig van Beethoven, inventor Thomas Edison, Hollywood stars like Steve McQueen, Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster and US Presidents Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton, to name a few, continue inspiring people with hearing loss to lead successful lives.
Medindia’s hearing loss calculator can help you find your hearing impairment at an early stage and guide you to visit a hearing professional for a more comprehensive hearing evaluation.


Wear your earphones. (Remember, headphones are head-worn audio devices and earphones are plugged directly in your ears)
Check your earphone’s quality (A default sound will be played before the test to ensure your earphone’s quality).
Set your system volume at 50%.
Audio sounds at different frequencies will be played through your ear phones.
At the end of each task, you will find a questionnaire to answer, asking about your hearing experience.
Please give honest responses to the hearing test and make sure that you are not in a noisy environment to get accurate results.
Keep your ears tuned!
Enter your details
Gender* Male Female
Is your earphone working?(Click here to check it)*
Yes   No
* Required
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Over 5% of the world population show a hearing disability
At an average of 43 million people in the world of the age 12- 35 show hearing disability
Hearing aids support hearing in 94% of persons with hearing disability around the world
About 20% people in the world above 55 years have some kind of hearing loss
More than 40 million American people show significant hearing impairment
Listening to loud music shows that 15% of college graduates have a hearing loss similar to their parents
In India, about 63 million people suffer from hearing impairments


Do not keep the volume of your television sets, iPods, and music players very high (Recommended below 85 decibels)
Use ear plugs when you are working in a noisy environment
Do not push cotton plugs/ cotton swabs deep into your ears
Check for accumulation of ear wax and clean them regularly...Read more

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