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Self Assessment Health Calculator for Depression

Depression is a common mental problem, which is currently on rise. Sadness is a human emotion and is a natural reaction to painful circumstances. 'Depression', on the other hand, is a physical illness.


Depression may affect anyone irrespective of age, background, lifestyle or nationality. 15% of people who are depressed commit suicide. Remember Depression is a treatable condition.

This self-assessment questionnaire adopted from the famous Zung Self Rating Depression Scale is a quick, simple and anonymous health tool to assess your level of depression. The result of the score will indicate if you need to seek medical help.

Depression Calculator
Gender Male Female
(Answer all the questions)
 A little of the time
(less than 25%)
Some times
(25 to 50%)
Good part of the time
(50 to 75%)
Most of the time
(75 to 100%)
 I feel down-hearted and blue
 Morning is the time when I feel the best
 I have crying spells or feel like crying
I have trouble sleeping at night
 I eat as much as I used to.
 I still enjoy sex
 I notice that I am losing weight
 I have trouble with constipation
 My heart beats faster than usual
 I get tired for no reason
 My mind is as clear as it used to be
 I find it easy to do the things I used to
 I am restless and can't keep still
 I feel hopeful about the future
 I am more irritable than usual
 I find it easy to make decisions
 I feel that I am useful and needed
 My life is pretty full
 I feel that others would be better off if I were dead
 I still enjoy the things I used to do

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zanetarub, India

Does mild depression can be cured with counselling

hamsa_2022, India

can u suggest tips to overcome depression

hamsa_2022, India

This really helped me to know my mental state

bigfrankyg, Japan

Interesting to note that medications are effective 30% to 45% of cases when used. I consider myself lucky then! The first ssri I tried worked and continues to work very well. Alot has to do with my attitude toward the medication though, if I was taking it as an order, I don't know if it would be as effective. I actually sought a candidate med, then consulted my doctor.

chasan, India

very reserved type, will not get tempered easyly,

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Depression is one of the most common mental disorders affecting approximately 340 million people in the world. No one is immune from depression - it occurs in people of all social classes, all countries and all cultural settings.

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