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Anxiety Screening Test

‘Anxiety Screening Test’ is a simple online screening test for anxiety symptoms. Please read the ten questions carefully and give an honest response.

For each statement, indicate whether you agree or disagree by checking the appropriate box next to the statement. This test is entirely confidential.

Anxiety Screening Tool

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Statements ( Answer all the questions )

Please answer the highlighted questions

1. I worry excessively about many things

2. I have no control over my thoughts and have difficulty controlling my worrying.

3. I worry even when nothing is going on around me to cause these feelings.

4. I experience sensations of shortness of breath, palpitations or shaking while at rest.

5. I have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

6. I find it hard to concentrate on specific tasks.

7. I am irritable most of the time.

8. I am restless and find it difficult to sit still without having to fiddle with something.

9. I frequently notice my muscles becoming tensed.

10. This excessive worrying is interfering with my performance at work.


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herromyg00dsir, United States

well now i know i have severe anxiety. AINT THAT JUST GREAT?!


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