Stages of HIV Infection

Initial Stage: "Flu like symptoms".

  • Rash, and swelling of the lymph nodes in the groin, armpits and neck.
  • The first stage of Infection is extremely infectious.
  • At this stage (up to 3 months), an HIV test may be negative - the HIV test is specifically designed to look for antibodies against HIV. Therefore, a negative test does not mean the person is infection free.

Symptomless Stage:

The Next stage is the symptom stage, where the patients show no symptom of the disease.

Minor Opportunistic Infection:

The timescale between infection and the onset of minor opportunistic infections can be for 6 weeks to 19 years and causes thrush, general malaise, persistent generalised lymphadenopathy (PGL) or enlarged glands, meningitis (rare) is variable - in the elderly, it is much shorter (sometime 6 months) than in others (currently up to 19 years).

More Serious Infection:

As the number of CD4 cells in the cell-mediated immune system begins to fall, there will be an increase in the number of minor opportunistic infections, as well as the more serious, specific infections that are used to diagnose the onset of AIDS.


sanfy Saturday, May 3, 2014

What kind of yoga and medicine is abilable in HIV from baba ram dev yog peth

japinoy67 Monday, October 1, 2012

I lost weight from 165 lbs to 160 lbs and maintained at that. I easily get tired. I had a lot of sex with same same. Have I already gotten HIV?

maxsimus Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear sir i had un protected sex with a female as i was in a party and drunk while have sex i realized that i have no condom and i ejaculated out side please let me what are the chances of geting infected its about a mounth.

oceanrayjim Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dear Sir, My son of 51 years who is a Pediatric Doctor has been tested HIV positive in the month of April 2011. He is Gay [Homosexual] and even though we have informed him several times to use all safety measures but unfortunately it has fallen on deaf ears. Now after my wife has learnt about my son she has become paranoid about the issue and at times she is constantly worried about herself. Even though I have informed her that HIV cannot spread to others except by Sex,Blood Transfusion, etc. but she is constantly worried. She even feels he should leave our home and go to rehab. But at present these facilities are not available in our country Oman. Due to his extreme urge to indulge in sexual activities with same sex puts me at great worry cause he is very secretive and i am sure he does not inform is male partner as every time it is new person. I have spent several hours talking to him but the end result is the same. I would like you to inform me in such cases what can a parent do to stop this HIV transmission to innocent victims. I await to hear from you asap

BearLife Sunday, November 13, 2011

how are women have babys being hiv positive

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