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What are the Symptoms and Signs of Trigger Finger?

The most obvious sign of trigger finger is the characteristic locking of the affected finger in a bent position, which cannot be straightened, resulting in no or limited movement. Symptoms are usually worse in the morning or after periods of inactivity. Other symptoms and signs include the following:

  • Popping / Clicking Sound: These types of sounds occur in the affected finger or thumb during forced movement.
  • Pain:Bending or straightening the finger may be very painful.
  • Swelling:This is very common around the affected area.
  • Tenderness and Nodule Formation:The base of the finger may be tender and a small lump or nodule may form at the site.
  • Finger Stiffness: The finger usually becomes stiff and difficult to move.
  • Catching Sensation: A catching sensation may be felt, as if something is obstructing movement.
Trigger Finger Symptoms Include Stiffness, Popping Sensation, Tenderness in the Affected Finger


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