Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult if my baby is born with polymelia?

In the rare event if the condition is missed during prenatal screening and your child is born with polymelia, you should immediately consult a neonatologist who will advise you about treatment options and put you in touch with a surgeon.

2. Which doctor should I consult for taking preventive measures before the birth of my baby?

Prior to the birth of your child, you should regularly consult your gynecologist, who will order the relevant tests to check for any deformity in the fetus, especially if you belong to a high risk group.

3. Can polymelia be treated?

Yes. Polymelia can be treated by surgically removing the extra limbs. However, complications can occur during the surgery.

4. How common is polymelia?

Polymelia is an extremely rare birth defect. With proper prenatal screening, this can be effectively prevented prior to the birth of the baby.

5. What should I be careful about during pregnancy for preventing birth defects?

You should not smoke or drink during pregnancy. Avoid exposure to environmental pollutants. Be cautious about taking medications. Always consult your doctor in this regard as there have been instances where un-prescribed medicines have caused serious birth defects.

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