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Latest Publications and Research on Marijuana

Pediatr Rev    

Marijuana Use and Potential Implications of Marijuana Legalization.

Grigsby TM, Hoffmann LM, Moss MJ

Most states in the United States have legalized medical and/or recreational cannabis in response to public demand. Trends in states adopting such legi... Read More

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BMC Public Health    

Suicide among people treated for drug use disorders: a Danish national record-linkage study.

Hesse M, Thylstrup B, Seid AK, Skogen JC

Substance use disorders are a major risk factor for suicide. However, less is known about specific risk factors for suicide in people with substance u... Read More

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J Neonatal Perinatal Med  2020 Jan 25  

Commentary - Marijuana use during pregnancy and premature birth: A problem likely to worsen.

Volpe JJ

... Read More

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Addict Behav    

Illicit drug use among college students: The role of social norms and risk perceptions.

Kollath-Cattano C, Hatteberg SJ, Kooper A

To examine the prevalence and correlates of college student use of illicit substances including cocaine, designer drugs, and nonmedical use of prescri... Read More

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Adolescent cannabis exposure increases heroin reinforcement in rats genetically vulnerable to addiction.

Lecca D, Scifo A, Pisanu A, Valentini V, Piras G, Sil A, Cadoni C, Di Chiara G

On the basis of epidemiological studies it has been proposed that cannabis use plays a causal role in the abuse of highly addictive drugs (Gateway Hyp... Read More

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