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Latest Publications and Research on Drowsy Driving

Traffic Inj Prev  2020 Jan 27  

Driving simulator experiments to study drowsiness: A systematic review.

Soares S, Ferreira S, Couto A

Objective: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the USA estimated that the effects of drowsiness while driving led to approximately 7... Read More

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Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc    

Sigmoid Wake Probability Model for High-Resolution Detection of Drowsiness Using Electroencephalogram.

Hassan AR, Kabir M, Keshavarz B, Taati B, Yadollahi A

An efficient and reliable method to detect drowsiness can reduce accidents and injuries related to drowsy driving. However, existing systems for detec... Read More

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J Safety Res    

Individual, business-related, and work environment factors associated with driving tired among taxi drivers in two metropolitan U.S. cities.

Menéndez C, Socias-Morales C, Konda S, Ridenour M

Violence-related events and roadway incidents are the leading causes of injury among taxi drivers. Fatigue is under-recognized and prevalent in this w... Read More

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Accid Anal Prev    

A pre-drive ocular assessment predicts alertness and driving impairment: A naturalistic driving study in shift workers.

Mulhall MD, Cori J, Sletten TL, Kuo J, Lenné MG, Magee M, Spina MA, Collins A, Anderson C, Rajaratnam SMW, Howard ME

Sleepiness is a major contributor to motor vehicle crashes and shift workers are particularly vulnerable. There is currently no validated objective fi... Read More

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