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Latest Publications and Research on Calcinosis

QJM  2020 Jan 30  

Calcinosis cutis universalis.

Thakur V, Kumar S, Bishnoi A

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Pediatr Dermatol  2020 Jan 28  

Characterizing calcinosis cutis in a pediatric population.

Whitlock R, Chiu Y

Calcinosis cutis is the abnormal deposition of calcium in the skin and subcutis. There is currently a paucity of data surrounding pediatric calcinosis... Read More

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Calcif. Tissue Int.  2020 Jan 22  

Congenital Hyperphosphatemic Conditions Caused by the Deficient Activity of FGF23.

Ito N, Fukumoto S

Congenital diseases that could result in hyperphosphatemia at an early age include hyperphosphatemic familial tumoral calcinosis (HFTC)/hyperostosis-h... Read More

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Ultrasonography  2019 Oct 23  

CT features of thyroid nodules with isolated macrocalcifications detected by ultrasonography.

Paik W, Na DG, Gwon HY, Kim J

A thyroid nodule with an isolated macrocalcification is visualized as a calcified nodule with complete posterior shadowing on ultrasonography (US). Th... Read More

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J Clin Rheumatol  2020 Jan 24  

Calcinosis Cutis as the Initial Manifestation of Limited Scleroderma.

Zalewski S, Brasington R, Zickuhr L

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