Latest Publications and Research on Breathing Dirty Air may Lead to Kidney Failure

Rev Port Cir Cardiotorac Vasc    

[Endoanchor implantation for treatment of endoleak].

Figueiredo Braga S, Correia Simões J, Carrilho C, Ferreira J, Mesquita A

The authors describe a clinical case of correction of a type 1A endoleak after EVAR using endo-anchors. An 85-year old female was referred due to an a... Read More

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J. Vasc. Surg.  2020 Jan 28  

Incidence, predictors, and outcomes of spinal cord ischemia in elective complex endovascular aortic repair: An analysis of health insurance claims.

Heidemann F, Kölbel T, Kuchenbecker J, Kreutzburg T, Debus ES, Larena-Avellaneda A, Dankhoff M, Behrendt CA

This study aimed to determine predictors and outcomes associated with spinal cord ischemia (SCI) after elective fenestrated or branched endovascular a... Read More

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Eur Heart J Acute Cardiovasc Care  2020 Jan 31  

External validation and comparison of the CardShock and IABP-SHOCK II risk scores in real-world cardiogenic shock patients.

Rivas-Lasarte M, Sans-Roselló J, Collado-Lledó E, García-Fernández V, Noriega FJ, Hernández-Pérez FJ, Fernández-Martínez J, Ariza A, Lidón RM, Viana-Tejedor A, Segovia-Cubero J, Harjola VP, Lassus J, Thiele H, Sionis A

Mortality from cardiogenic shock remains high and early recognition and risk stratification are mandatory for optimal patient allocation and to guide ... Read More

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Chirurg  2020 Jan 30  

[Colonic ischemia after open and endovascular aortic surgery : Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Diagnosis And Therapy].

Dovzhanskiy DI, Hakimi M, Bischoff MS, Wieker CM, Hackert T, Böckler D

Despite the successful establishment of endovascular techniques, colonic ischemia continues to be a serious complication of aortic surgery.The risk fa... Read More

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Clin J Am Soc Nephrol  2020 Jan 30  

Nonmedical Factors and Health-Related Quality of Life in CKD in India.

Modi GK, Yadav AK, Ghosh A, Kamboj K, Kaur P, Kumar V, Bhansali S, Prasad N, Sahay M, Parameswaran S, Varughese S, Gang S, Singh S, Sircar D, Gopalakrishnan N, Jaryal A, Vikrant S, Agarwal SB, Jha V

Patient-reported outcomes have gained prominence in the management of chronic noncommunicable diseases. Measurement of health-related quality of life ... Read More

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