How do you Prevent Dry Eye Syndrome?

Some of the strategies that may be used to prevent dry eye syndrome include the following:

  • Regular Blinking: Remember to blink often and make it a habit. This will spread the tear across the surface of the eye and prevent it from drying up quickly.
  • Using Eye Drops: In case of chronic dry eye syndrome, lubricating eye drops (artificial tears) should be used regularly.
  • Taking Eye Breaks: While doing tasks that require the eyes to be kept open for long periods of time, it is important to take breaks. This is especially true for computer operators, where increased screen time leads to reduced blinking, which can cause dry eyes.
  • Proper Positioning of the Computer Screen: The computer screen should be kept below the level of the eye, which will not require the eyes to be kept wide open while operating the computer. This will prevent the moisture from evaporating quickly between blinks.
  • Using Protective Eyewear: Traveling to high altitudes can expose the eyes to dry, cold air. Wearing goggles is therefore recommended. Protective eyewear is also advised while traveling to desert areas, where the sand particles and dry, hot air can cause damage to the eyes.
  • Avoiding Smoke: Any type of smoke, including cigarette smoke, should be avoided at all costs. This causes irritation, inflammation, and dry eyes.


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