Last Updated on Jun 13, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor should I consult for gastroparesis?

You can consult a gastroenterologist for gastroparesis.

2. Can gastroparesis kill you?

No. However, the complications arising in some cases of gastroparesis can be life-threatening.

3. Is gastroparesis curable?


4. Can I drink coffee with gastroparesis?

It is not advised to drink coffee as it might worsen your gastric reflux.

5. Are probiotics good for gastroparesis?

Probiotics are helpful in controlling bloating and excess gas formation in gastroparesis.

6. Can gastroparesis heal itself?

If gastroparesis is due to post-viral effects or eating disorders, the condition may be reversible. However, if gastroparesis is due to permanent nerve damage the condition cannot be reversed.

7. Can you exercise with gastroparesis?

Yes. Its best to start with low impact exercises such as walking and gradually build up to more strenuous exercises.

8. Can gastroparesis turn into cancer?

No. In fact gastroparesis is a common complication ofcancer.

9. Does drinking water help gastroparesis?

Yes. It improves digestion and heartburn.

10. Can bariatric surgery cure gastroparesis?

No. Bariatric surgery may initially lessen some symptoms of gastroparesis but in long run it has serious complications.

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