Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor will be performing Epidural Anesthesia on me?

An anesthesia consultant will perform the epidural anesthesia

2. Why is epidural anesthesia is preferred over general anesthesia especially in,lower abdomen and lower limb surgery?

Both spinal and epidural anesthesia is usually preferred over general anesthesia because of the fewer side effects and better recovery time

3. Will I feel any pain during the surgery?

No. you will not feel any pain below the level of injection and usually, an anesthesiologist will check the level of anesthesia and its effectiveness before a surgical incision is made

4. How long will the epidural anesthesia last?

Epidural anesthesia will initially last for 2-3 hrs but can be extended by injecting the drug through the catheter placed there and can also provide pain relief postoperatively with a continuous infusion of these drugs when needed.

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