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Drug: It is also referred to as medication or medicine and is used to diagnose, cure or prevent disease

Impotence: Inability to attain or sustain an erection

Dysfunction: Altered function or malfunction

Suppository: Pharmaceutical preparation in a solid form, intended to be inserted into the rectum, vagina or urethra

Aphrodisiacs: Drugs or substances that arouse or enhance instinctive sexual desire

Angina: A disease marked by attacks of intense suffocative chest pain due to insufficient blood supply to the muscle of the heart


KevinN88 Thursday, January 3, 2019

The above post is very informative to understand about male health issues. But i think age above 50 and plus not only suffer fro ED, the young age boys, college boys now a days also face male impotency disorder. Is this because of young generation smoke more at early age and drink alcohol, drugs, masturbate and involve more into sexual activities? What could be the reason behind young age boys facing ED?

Frank124 Saturday, June 8, 2019

I don't think smoking is the sinner here, but more to do will our generel lifestyle. There is a reason that penis pumps like theses one has become so popular in the latest 10 years. Boys/men around 16-24 years sit in fron of their phone-tablet-computer most of their time and they do not develop a great vascular system.

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